14 Ways to Successfully Survive the Thrift Store

Thrift shop

Macklemore’s hit single “Thrift Shop” often gets credit for thrifting becoming mainstream or even cool. Thrifting is no longer considered embarrassing or associated with being poor!

But, before Macklemore hit the scene, there lived a society of people who connected because of their love of thrift. Hence #thriftsociety over 20,000 people sharing their thrifted finds, looks, repurposed pieces and inspirations. Modern day fashionista’s, hipsters and creatives are drawn to thrifting because it offers unique fashion at a great price. However thrifting still isn’t for everyone! Stay tuned for guidelines to help you survive your next thrifting trip!

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Fashion: Clear Vintage Frames

clear frames 2

Now that black Ray Banz have become a mainstream sensation, I am sure you are wondering “how can I be different now?”  Yes, hipsters are mainly responsible for the resurgence of vintage eyewear.  A perfect way to embrace your eyewear while standing apart is the clear frames.

Very few people are wearing them just yet.  Be ahead of the curve if you still want to wear eyewear, but be unique.  Pretty soon, after the black frames have played out the masses will gravitate towards them.  In the meantime, be bold enough to jump ahead.

[Music] The Cool Kids – “Computer School” and “Chop”


Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks are giving us their classic sound on these tracks.  The first is called “Computer School.”  The track uses a clip of comedian Steve Harvey’s stand up from the movie The Original Kings of Comedy. The second is an uptempo track called “Chop” which features the HBK Gang.  Listen and enjoy. 

The Artform Known as Thrifting: I’m gonna pop some tags!

thriftshopThrift shops are a hipster’s paradise.  Why?  Well, think about it.  Where else can you find garments and there’s a strong possibility that no one else will have it?  Where else can you go to the cash register with 10 or more cool items and the cashier says “your total will be 15 dollars,” or another ridiculously low price?  With so many vintage and exclusive items at discounted prices, thrift shops have become a main attraction for hipsters.

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[HK Fashion] The Zipper Chain by The Village Clothing Co.

zipper chain

I am sure you’ve heard the statement “the accessories are what makes the outfit fly.” Totally creative and against the grain of typical neck jewelry, the Zipper Chain by The Village Clothing Company is a visual game changer.   How could something that seems so simple be so innovative?  It leaves you thinking “why didn’t I think of that?” The Village Clothing Company prides itself on delivering vintage style apparel while pushing the envelope of modern fashion trends.  Why follow a trend when you can set the trend? The Village Clothing Co. also sells sweat shirts, hoodies, and tees.  The Zipper Chain comes in an assortment of colors.  It is totally unisex and adds an additional flare of style to men and women. Order your Zipper Chain here  or check out their website www.villageclothingonline.com Check out more colors after the jump

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How to be a Hipster

The term ‘hipster’ gets thrown around a lot these days.  Often times those who use the term use it to label whatever they feel is unfamiliar or ‘weird.’  It’s safe to say that many people these days do not have a clue of what the word means or what the lifestyle entails.  It’s way more to it than oversized eyewear and skinny jeans.  In this video Josh Wehmann gives you a breakdown of basic guidelines, exactly what a ‘hipster’ is, and what the lifestyle is all about.