14 Ways to Successfully Survive the Thrift Store

Thrift shop

Macklemore’s hit single “Thrift Shop” often gets credit for thrifting becoming mainstream or even cool. Thrifting is no longer considered embarrassing or associated with being poor!

But, before Macklemore hit the scene, there lived a society of people who connected because of their love of thrift. Hence #thriftsociety over 20,000 people sharing their thrifted finds, looks, repurposed pieces and inspirations. Modern day fashionista’s, hipsters and creatives are drawn to thrifting because it offers unique fashion at a great price. However thrifting still isn’t for everyone! Stay tuned for guidelines to help you survive your next thrifting trip!

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Ryan Lewis Opens Up on Beginnings with Macklemore & Entrepreneurship

The new interview series Prologue intends to to introduce ideas and provide support and inspiration for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs. As the series’s first guest, award-winning producer Ryan Lewis was invited. The growing success of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in the last couple of years has been well documented. GRAMMY statues, sold-out shows around the globe and a high level of media attention has been somewhat synonymous with the duo from Washington. Arguably the most interesting part of their career is that the pair started out as an independent act. According to Prologue, Lewis seemed to be a great guest since he Continue reading

Macklemore: The Biggest Grammy-Nominated, Platinum-Selling Paradox In Music

In the midst of one of his recent sold-out shows in the Theater at Madison Square Garden, Ben Haggerty—better known as one half of the superstar duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis—told the crowd a story.

That very morning, he said, he stripped naked and jumped into the frigid waters of the Hudson River. But after rubbing his eyes and looking back to the shore, he noticed a pair of thieves running away with his clothing. He swam back to the shore, at which point an old lady invited him to hop on her back. When he reminded her that he was completely naked, she told him not to worry: she was going to take him to the thrift shop.

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