14 Ways to Successfully Survive the Thrift Store

Thrift shop

Macklemore’s hit single “Thrift Shop” often gets credit for thrifting becoming mainstream or even cool. Thrifting is no longer considered embarrassing or associated with being poor!

But, before Macklemore hit the scene, there lived a society of people who connected because of their love of thrift. Hence #thriftsociety over 20,000 people sharing their thrifted finds, looks, repurposed pieces and inspirations. Modern day fashionista’s, hipsters and creatives are drawn to thrifting because it offers unique fashion at a great price. However thrifting still isn’t for everyone! Stay tuned for guidelines to help you survive your next thrifting trip!

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Hipster Kidz Media Spreads Individuality at a Media Seminar at Hampton University

HU seminarHampton University’s Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications hosted an annual media seminar for its student body.  Our Creative Director, Thomas Tillmon, was a guest speaker among the panel of media professionals.  He spoke about the importance of embracing your own individuality as well as what the hipster lifestyle embodies to an audience of students and professors.  Tillmon presented our website, HipsterKidz.com, and explained how we incorporate our motto “Be Creative, Be Unique, Be Yourself,” in the content we deliver to our core audience.  Tillmon spoke about the creative thought process  behind launching the Hipster Kidz brand.  The audience asked questions about the changes that are currently taking place in the media industry as well as what changes are soon to come. Continue reading

Hipster Kidz T-shirts coming soon!

Hipster Kidz Tee

Get ready! Our official Hipster Kidz t- shirts will be for sale soon!  These tees will be available in various sizes and in an assortment of colors.  Thanks to everyone who currently supports our band.  These tees will help spread the word about the #1 hipster site on the web. We’ll keep you posted……


[HK Spotlight] They Got Next: @PhonyPpl

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHHip Hop band Phony Ppl has been building a steady buzz on the underground music scene.  These musicians are from Brooklyn, New York.  The group consists of two vocalist/lyricists,  three guitarists, a keyboardist, a saxophonist, and a drummer.  Their sound is very soulful and eclectic and their songs are created for an easy-listening experience.  No lie, their music sounds nothing like anything that is mainstream at this time.  One word that describes their image, individuality.  We’ve never seen a group with so many members who are willing to make a bold fashion statement of this magnitude. Their fashion statement screams  “dare to be different.”  If you’re a fan of live instrumentation, you’ll truly enjoy listening to this hip hop ensemble.  Since our duty at Hipster Kidz Media is to remain ahead of the masses, we figured we’d do you a favor and  put you on to them.  Download all three of their independent albums Phony Land, nothinG special, and lead vocalist Elbee Thrie’s 53,000Check out their video for a track called “I Wish I Was  A Chair”  off of their project Phony Land after the jump.

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Top Hipster Neighborhoods in the United States

hipster hoods

In previous times a “hipster” was considered an outcast, or just plain weird.  These free thinkers and their edgy style of dress was often shunned by the mainstream audience.  Even though they often push the culture forward and are ahead of the masses when it comes to music, style, and lifestyle trends, hipsters were rarely accepted in many social settings.  It is ironic how the mainstream has suddenly adapted to many aspects of the hipster lifestyle however.   How about Ray Banz or oversized vintage frames? Skinny jeans? Thrift shops are now considered “cool”?  The resurgence of vinyl sales? We’ve been doing that!  Continue reading

Hipster Kidz Media Teaches Lesson on Individuality at Pharrell’s Summer Camp

pharrell fohtaEvery summer super producer Pharrell Williams is responsible for a camp to encourage and empower today’s at risk youth.  From One Hand to Another (FOHTA) Summer of Innovation Camp  takes place in his hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia.  This camp teaches lessons under the Dream Mapping, Motivation, and NASA curriculum.  Students participate in activities that include building a robotic arm, testing and designing airplanes that emulate flights of space craft carriers, create public service announcements, as well as guidance on what steps they should take to earn their dream career.  FOHTA’s motto is “changing the world one kid at a time.”

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