5 Tips Every Bro Should Know to Look Like a Gentleman

hipsters in suits

You know what bros love? Barbecuing on a sunny day with a hot dog in one hand and a beer in the other. You know what else bros love? Making money and wolfing it up so they can afford to throw said barbecues on their nice-ass grill. Which means changing out of a jersey and shorts, and looking the part of Don Draper while you rake in the big bucks.

For those who are just leaving college, or maybe just still feel a little uneasy having their bank account hit 4 digits for the first time ever, here are BroBible’s 5 tips for how to look like your inner gentleman.

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BBC and Timberland Colab on Boot Design?

red timbs

Well, it looks like Billionaire Boys Club and Timberland have a new collaboration on the way.

The streetwear brand posted a photo of a pair of all red six-inch boots on Instagram. The caption reads: “SAMPLE cc: @timberland #BillionaireDevelopment.”

This past summer, Pharrell was seen wearing a pair of red Timbs. In August, he even put this up on his Instagram account with the caption, “1 of 1…well…for now that is. #beeline #timberland @bbcicecream”:

Guess they’re not “1 of 1” anymore?

No word yet on pricing or release date, but stay tuned.

Source: Complex

The Downfall of Being Ahead of the Masses

girl being teasedLet’s face it.  It’s advantageous to be a visionary, forward thinker, and risk taker when it comes to various trends.  As you witness it evolve, it strokes your ego to be able to say “I was doing that way before it was cool or mainstream.”  That statement is a staple within the indie community.  What’s more rewarding than being accurate with your personal forecasts on music, fashion, etc.? Well, there’s a downside to being ahead.  We call this “the price you pay for being enlightened.”

People who are ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion have it the worst.  They are often viewed as outcast because of their attire.  They simply don’t “fit in” when it comes to the norm.  These fashion forward individuals don’t want to fit in though.  They are trailblazers.  It often comes with the expense of stares and laughter.  It takes a strong individual to withstand this negative attention while realizing it will soon be embraced by the masses.  What’s even more entertaining is the same ones who ridicule you the most will be the main ones gravitating towards the trend once it becomes popular.  Then, there’s a 99.99999 percent chance that if you remind them of the days they criticized you for embracing the trend well before they did, they’ll have “amnesia” as if they don’t remember. Continue reading

Why do Hipsters Seem to be so Anti-Mainstream?

No MainstreamTo the counter culture audience, mainstream is almost considered kryptonite.  There is nothing worst than being part of the masses.  It gives off the impression that you just don’t have a mind of your own and you’re trying to fit in to be accepted.  Hipsters pride themselves on embracing music, culture, and lifestyle trends before the masses.  Once everyone seems to be aware of it and embracing it……. #MissionAccomplished #OnToTheNext.

So exactly why is it that an indie artist or fashion trend becomes “extinct” to hipsters once the masses gravitates towards it?  Often times it is safe to conclude that the novelty and the rareness of the newly discovered fad is what gets our adrenaline pumping.  It gives us the sense of individuality, one of our core principals, when people ask what we are listening to in our head phones and our response is (insert unpopular artist/band).  After we’ve become familiar with the music and it becomes popular, it strokes our ego and gives the feeling that we discovered them before so many others.  It makes us feel like leaders because we were ahead of the masses.

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[HK Fashion] Military Inspired Menswear for this Fall



“Navajo” leather moccasins, $660, Louis Vuitton.

Jack Spade leather card holder, $115, Sault New England.

Miansai “M2” stainless steel, nylon cord, and leather chronograph watch, $355, Neiman Marcus.

Canvas  iPad case, $160, Rag & Bone.

5, 6.
Jack Spade leather briefcase, $495, and Woolrich John Rich & Bros. felted-wool-and-nylon blazer, $450, both Saks Fifth Avenue.

7, 8.
Ivy Prepster cotton pocket square, $40, and Jack Spade plastic iPhone case, $40, both Sault New England.

Twill bow tie, $68, Ball and Buck.

Source: Boston Magazine