5 Tips Every Bro Should Know to Look Like a Gentleman

hipsters in suits

You know what bros love? Barbecuing on a sunny day with a hot dog in one hand and a beer in the other. You know what else bros love? Making money and wolfing it up so they can afford to throw said barbecues on their nice-ass grill. Which means changing out of a jersey and shorts, and looking the part of Don Draper while you rake in the big bucks.

For those who are just leaving college, or maybe just still feel a little uneasy having their bank account hit 4 digits for the first time ever, here are BroBible’s 5 tips for how to look like your inner gentleman.

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NJIT Scientists invent new flexible battery: bend it, shape it, anyway you want it

Whether you asked for a curved phone or not, they’re already a convex reality. One that introduces a few manufacturing twists. A curved screen is one thing, but what about other large components like the battery? Samsung sidestepped this issue in the Round by making it narrow and tall, but there’s still a limit to the amount of curve available. A new flexible battery developed at the New Jersey Institute of Technology could solve that. The cell uses carbon nanotubes, and is not only flexible (like other examples we’veseen), but entirely scalable — suitable for tiny or large electronics alike. Not only would this mean roll-up batteries, the researchers claim it could easily be made at home with the right “paste” and a laminating machine.