Fashion: Clear Vintage Frames

clear frames 2

Now that black Ray Banz have become a mainstream sensation, I am sure you are wondering “how can I be different now?”  Yes, hipsters are mainly responsible for the resurgence of vintage eyewear.  A perfect way to embrace your eyewear while standing apart is the clear frames.

Very few people are wearing them just yet.  Be ahead of the curve if you still want to wear eyewear, but be unique.  Pretty soon, after the black frames have played out the masses will gravitate towards them.  In the meantime, be bold enough to jump ahead.

[Music] The Cool Kids – “Computer School” and “Chop”


Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks are giving us their classic sound on these tracks.  The first is called “Computer School.”  The track uses a clip of comedian Steve Harvey’s stand up from the movie The Original Kings of Comedy. The second is an uptempo track called “Chop” which features the HBK Gang.  Listen and enjoy. 

Will Apple Be The S&P’s Largest Dividend Payer In 2014?


Somebody alert Carl Icahn: in assessing the dividend outlook for 2014, a new report has named the billionaire’s favorite Twitter-target –Apple AAPL -2.19%, of course – as the year’s likely dividend leader, though the tech company will be closely followed by Exxon Mobil, AT&T T -0.43% and Bank of America BAC +1.93%among others.

According to financial information firm Markit’s 2014 U.S. dividend outlook report, 422 of the S&P’s 500 stocks will pay $352 billion in dividends this year, a participation rate that’s a shade higher than the 417 dividend-paying stocks as of mid-December 2013 (according to FactSet) but a payout rate that would mark an 8.9% increase over 2013′s total dividend payout. 2014′s average expected dividend payout ratio, or the percentage of earnings paid in dividends to shareholders, is 35%, which Markit says is an increase over 2011′s 27% but flat compared to 2013 and well under the S&P’s 50% historical average. Continue reading

7 Ways To Increase Your Success In The Music Business in 2014

producer kendrickdean

 By George Howard

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You’re an artist, you want to succeed, you recorded music.  What do you do next?

Below is a blueprint that, if you apply over the next year to six months, should increase your chances of success.  Some of you may already be doing/have done many of these things, and should start where it makes sense.  Others may need to start at step one.

The goal is to encourage you to measure and track your activity with respect to reaching fans so you can better define what is working, and (equally importantly) stop doing what’s not working.  To do this, you’ll need a Dashboard.  I’d suggest using an excel spreadsheet or Google doc that has weeks across the top, and the categories you’re measuring on the side (the vertical axis). We’ve supplied a sample spreadsheet for you to view/use here. Please do hover over the cells in the sample we’ve created, as there are explanations for many of the elements.

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