[Music] Phony Ppl- “Wonderful Christmas Time”

The Brooklyn rap ensemble Phony Ppl released their rendition of Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas Time” just in time for the holidays.  This indie group specializes in live instrumentation and eclectic music. Get more familiar with the group Phony Ppl by viewing our feature story on them here >  [HK Spotlight] They Got Next: Phony Ppl  .

3 Biggest Mistakes People Make in the Music Industry

Entertainment Attorney Rasheed McWilliams briefly but effectively talks about 3 of the biggest mistakes artists make in the music industry. First he illustrates the importance of having and entertainment attorney. Far to often artists neglect to seek the counsel of one when dealing with contracts. While having one can be costly at first, artists can an often do end up paying tore than that cost for not having one in the long run. Having an entertainment attorney also helps you to better understand those legal documents so that you’ll know what’s in your best interest . Most of the stories you hear about artists being screwed by their labels, usually come down to one single act. They signed a bad contract. Why does this happen so often? Artists are usually so eager to be famous and on somebody’s label that they’ll often sign anything that’s in front of them if it comes with a little cash advance. That along with the fear that showing any resistance will make the label find somebody else, puts a lot of pressure on artists to sign bad record deals. Also covered in this video is money management. Having huge amounts of money go out as fast as it comes in is another very common mistake that artists repeat. To conclude, a lot of these and other mistakes can be avoided with the proper counsel and  some business education.

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Macklemore: The Biggest Grammy-Nominated, Platinum-Selling Paradox In Music

In the midst of one of his recent sold-out shows in the Theater at Madison Square Garden, Ben Haggerty—better known as one half of the superstar duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis—told the crowd a story.

That very morning, he said, he stripped naked and jumped into the frigid waters of the Hudson River. But after rubbing his eyes and looking back to the shore, he noticed a pair of thieves running away with his clothing. He swam back to the shore, at which point an old lady invited him to hop on her back. When he reminded her that he was completely naked, she told him not to worry: she was going to take him to the thrift shop.

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You’ve Been Wrapping Your MacBook Charger Wrong This Whole Time

You've Been Wrapping Your MacBook Charger Wrong This Whole Time

Did you know there’s a right and a wrong way to wrap your MacBook charger? Curl it up in a ball, and eventually it’ll break. But wrap it like you see in the picture above, and it’s going to last a whole lot longer.

The key to keeping your expensive charger in tip-top shape is the collapsable set of clips on the side of the adapter. They’re not just decorative. Here’s how to do the magic MacBook wrap in three step-by-step GIFS:

You've Been Wrapping Your MacBook Charger Wrong This Whole Time

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Why is SUBSTANCE Missing in so Many Relationships?


Too many people in today’s society use titles, money, and other man made items to gauge whether someone is worthy of their time.  Too often I hear the phrase “love don’t pay the bills.”  While this is true, does paid bills make you feel loved inside?  Is money a support system when you are down and need encouragement after a long day at work?  Can money show you affection?  Maybe it’s me, but the last time I checked you couldn’t cuddle or make love to a receipt.  Is it money and financial status you love, or companionship, loyalty, faithfulness, and mental stimulation?

It seems like so many people these days lack substance when it comes to their definition of love.  We live in a world where reality TV, social networks,  and other forms of media are brainwashing those who aren’t free thinkers.  People are being sold superficial lifestyles and they are missing out on true love by searching for something that doesn’t exist, an illusion. Continue reading