The Downfall of Being Ahead of the Masses

girl being teasedLet’s face it.  It’s advantageous to be a visionary, forward thinker, and risk taker when it comes to various trends.  As you witness it evolve, it strokes your ego to be able to say “I was doing that way before it was cool or mainstream.”  That statement is a staple within the indie community.  What’s more rewarding than being accurate with your personal forecasts on music, fashion, etc.? Well, there’s a downside to being ahead.  We call this “the price you pay for being enlightened.”

People who are ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion have it the worst.  They are often viewed as outcast because of their attire.  They simply don’t “fit in” when it comes to the norm.  These fashion forward individuals don’t want to fit in though.  They are trailblazers.  It often comes with the expense of stares and laughter.  It takes a strong individual to withstand this negative attention while realizing it will soon be embraced by the masses.  What’s even more entertaining is the same ones who ridicule you the most will be the main ones gravitating towards the trend once it becomes popular.  Then, there’s a 99.99999 percent chance that if you remind them of the days they criticized you for embracing the trend well before they did, they’ll have “amnesia” as if they don’t remember.

1st they laugh

We live in a society where people don’t like to feel as if they’re out of the loop of coolness.  People feel uncomfortable admitting if they’ve never heard of a particular song, artists, or brand.  The reality of this situation is the influx of information available on the internet makes it impossible to be aware of every trend.  It’s just too much for one person to keep up with.  Before the internet, fashion trends and independent music was mainly regional.  It wasn’t difficult to be in the know as long as you had a circle of close acquaintances.  Anything outside of your geographical region was obsolete simply because the odds are you were unaware of it.  The internet change this drastically.

No one is more ahead of the masses when it come to music than DJ’s.  With crates of vinyl and hard drives full of music, most DJ’s have developed a personal ear for good music within their genre.  Their duty is to use music to make people dance and create a pleasant ambiance for patrons.  DJ’s know which artists are beginning to build a buzz and what records can go the distance to becoming a mainstream hit.  This is a gift and a curse.  It’s a known fact that at most functions, patrons don’t want to hear unfamiliar music.  Let’s face it, the music we dance the hardest to is familiar.  If the DJ plays a songs that no one knows within the climax of a function most people will flee the dance floor while giving the disc jockey the extra side-eye (a good DJ knows to only play unfamiliar music in the beginning and ending of functions).  The DJ can know without a doubt that this track has what it takes to go the distance.  Within a few weeks this same unfamiliar song can become a mega hit, and those same individuals who fled the dance floor are now dancing too it while shouting the lyrics.  Every DJ has witnessed this.

Forward thinkers and risk takers are pioneers who push culture forward.  With out these individuals, everything would remain the same because no one would be courageous enough to step out and be different.  While this may be you, know that you are cut from a different cloth.  Continue to be true to yourself while remaining bold and confident in your unique ability to trend forecast.  Yes it comes with the expense of being labeled and outcast and even the butt of a few jokes, but that’s only temporary.  You’ll get the last laugh as you witness everyone wait until the trend is “safe” to embrace and you’ll label them followers.

Posted by Thomas Tillmon


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