Behind the Lens: Photographer named Spiff Conqueres The Windy City

#latergram, on a boat in Virginia.

Christian “Spiff” Evans is a street photographer from Chicago, IL who has spent the past several years living life behind the lens. Taking pictures with everything from his Canon t3i to his iPhone 5s, Spiff uses photography to capture the euphoria of everyday life in the big city. His style is unique in its ability to unveil the true beauty behind urban culture. His work which is mainly industrial ranges from images of graffiti in underground subway stations to images of old posters found above dumpsters in old alley ways.  His work is very fluid and easy to follow, you almost find yourself waiting for his next tumblr post while he’s out conquering the city one photo at a time.

More could be said about his work but his photos speak for themselves.  Preview them after the jump

acid trip pt. 8 (at Lincoln Park)

the legendary Just Blaze. (at North Coast Music Festival 2013)

hashtag lake life. (Taken with Instagram)


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