[HK Spotlight] They Got Next: Earthgang

EarthgangAtlanta based rap duo Earthgang is a breath of fresh air when describing their music.  The group consists of members Doctur Dot (pictured on above on the left) and Johnny Venus (pictured above on the right).  They have a gritty, raw,  southern rap style that is reminiscent of the 90’s Southerplayalisticadillacmuzik/ Goodie Mob era.  Their latest 16 track album Shallow Graves For Toys accurately displays their versatility as emcees on production that ranges from eclectic to base heavy 808’s. Peep a few of their tracks after the jump.


This duo truly has what it takes to accelerate their careers to the next plateau.  Earthgang’s unique sound and image is what separates them from many artists.  This aspect shows their willingness to be bold, take chances, and venture off to create their own lane.  They’ve performed at notable festivals that include Atlanta’s A3C Music Festival and The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.  Earthgang is currently signed to independent label Spillage Village Records.  For more info visit their website at www.earthgang.net.  You can also download Shallow Graves for Toys here.




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