Hipster Kidz Media Spreads Individuality at a Media Seminar at Hampton University

HU seminarHampton University’s Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications hosted an annual media seminar for its student body.  Our Creative Director, Thomas Tillmon, was a guest speaker among the panel of media professionals.  He spoke about the importance of embracing your own individuality as well as what the hipster lifestyle embodies to an audience of students and professors.  Tillmon presented our website, HipsterKidz.com, and explained how we incorporate our motto “Be Creative, Be Unique, Be Yourself,” in the content we deliver to our core audience.  Tillmon spoke about the creative thought process  behind launching the Hipster Kidz brand.  The audience asked questions about the changes that are currently taking place in the media industry as well as what changes are soon to come.

image(Pictured above: Quinton Quarles, Underground Hip-Hop Guru and Thomas Tillmon, Creative Director of HK Media)

The seminar was moderated by Kevin “The Moose” Anderson from the nationally syndicated radio show The World Famous Lessons in Jazz.  The show airs on HU’s radio station 88.1 WHOV and is syndicated on XM/Sirius Satellite Radio.


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