Kendrick Lamar co-signs Hipster Kidz Media

We have to send a huge shoutout to Kendrick Lamar.  He’s a dear friend of and has supported us since our inception.  We recently launched our website and he immediately sent us his seal of approval.  Of course we established a relationship with the Compton emcee well before he was a mainstream sensation (but who’s bragging?) He always assured us that he would continue making quality music and not succumb to “music industry standards” by dumbing down his music.  It’s safe to say that he delivered.  Make sure you download our classic Best of Kendrick Lamar Mixtape we released back in 2011 mixed by Thomas Tillmon (formerly known as Radio Raheem) 

Best of Kendrick Lamar


One thought on “Kendrick Lamar co-signs Hipster Kidz Media

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