Adam Sams – “Put Your Title Down” [Official Video]

Adam SamsAdam Sams releases a video for his track “Put Your Title Down.”  This song is about a man who is so engulfed in his career that he neglects an important aspect of his life, his marriage.  As individuals, we are often times so busy chasing our dreams that we forget to cultivate friendships and relationships.  A few of the lyrics read…..

You count the coins and your years of work and put em in your pockets.  Could you exist on any less if suddenly you lost it? Do you depend on your own ends?……… Put your title down, eveything you own is a gift.  Put your title down, be thankful. 

What good is that promotion on your job if you have no one at home to celebrate it with?   This video does an excellent job demonstrating that relationships are just as important, if not more, than a man-given title.  Watch the video below.

Posted by Thomas Tillmon


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