Why do Hipsters Seem to be so Anti-Mainstream?

No MainstreamTo the counter culture audience, mainstream is almost considered kryptonite.  There is nothing worst than being part of the masses.  It gives off the impression that you just don’t have a mind of your own and you’re trying to fit in to be accepted.  Hipsters pride themselves on embracing music, culture, and lifestyle trends before the masses.  Once everyone seems to be aware of it and embracing it……. #MissionAccomplished #OnToTheNext.

So exactly why is it that an indie artist or fashion trend becomes “extinct” to hipsters once the masses gravitates towards it?  Often times it is safe to conclude that the novelty and the rareness of the newly discovered fad is what gets our adrenaline pumping.  It gives us the sense of individuality, one of our core principals, when people ask what we are listening to in our head phones and our response is (insert unpopular artist/band).  After we’ve become familiar with the music and it becomes popular, it strokes our ego and gives the feeling that we discovered them before so many others.  It makes us feel like leaders because we were ahead of the masses.

How many times have you attempted to introduce some new/unfamiliar music to someone and they didn’t like it.  However, once it became popular they were “fans” and acted as if they didn’t remember you introducing them to the music well in advance?  How many times have you embraced a style of fashion and were ridiculed, only to witness the same bullies all of a sudden embracing the style once it is mainstream?  Think about the first individuals who began wearing skinny jeans.  The slurs they faced because baggy, at the time,  was the dominant way to wear your pants.  Nowadays baggy is SO uncool.  Think about the first ones to embracing the nerdy, oversized frames, Steve Urkel style of dress.  Now that style is considered cool with the younger generation.

In conclusion, never be afraid to step out and embrace something because it is unpopular or rare.  Be bold.  People admire those who are brave enough to be different, even if it comes in the form of stares and jokes.  They laugh at us because we are different, we laugh at them because they are all the same.

Often times once something becomes mainstream the version you are receiving is a watered down derivative of the original.  In the words of Andre 3000, “it ends in Hollywood divorce.” Be Creative. Be Unique. Be Yourself.

Posted by Thomas Tillmon


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