6 Items Every Beat Maker Should Have

1. A laptop



You got to be ready in case you get that call to fly out of town, and you need to do some last minute edits on the plane.

2. A portable midi controller



You never know when you may get inspired to make a new beat. Pull it out of you bag, and bang it out!


3. A nice pair of audio monitors


Studio Monitors

You don’t want that final mix sounding like a fat turd. You need some good monitors to get it right.


4. A flash drive


Flash Drive

No one burns data to CDs anymore. Transfer those files the quick and easy way,


5. A decent pair of headphones



When you got to make those final tweaks and you’re in a place where you can’t cut up the volume, a nice pair of headphones can really come in handy.


6. A Dropbox account


Drop Box

This cloud storing service is a lifesaver when you need to send big files over the internet

Source: Indie Hip Hop


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