Are You Risking Losing Your 80 for a 20 in Your Relationship?


Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule?

No it’s not a reality show that you can watch on BRAVO, and no it’s not the amount of carbs that you should and should not eat during the week. The 80/20 rule is the most self-contained solution to recognizing true love and happiness. Something we all desire in a relationship.

The first time I heard of the 80/20 rule was in one of Tyler Perry’s most successful movies, “Why did I get married.” The rule was presented to one of the characters who sought out something better, without realizing that something better was right in front of his eyes. To sum up the 80/20 rule, the 80 represents the maximum percentage (80%) of what you’ll get from a person (man or woman) in a relationship, and as the character Gavin states in the movie, the other 20% is what’s left behind.


Why do we only pay attention to the things we are missing in a relationship, rather than appreciate what we have? Kind of like not knowing what we have until we lose it. Well for one, we are all absent-minded individuals. We don’t realize how good things are for us, until their removed from our lives.

As we grow, our minds grow, our needs grow, our ambitions amplify, and of course, our interests changes. And unfortunately, the people that we are in concert with won’t make the cut during this process if we feel as though their “getting in the way” or are a burden to our success.


Remember when the Los Angeles Lakers were dominating the NBA with the help of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal in the early 2000s? Kobe, Shaq and “Zen Master” Phil Jackson, led LA to three straight championships and looked prized to gobble up more.

But at age 25, coupled with a Jordan-like skill set and an ego the size of the Nutty Professor, Kobe vehemently complained to Lakers management, refusing to continue his career as Shaq’s “sidekick.”

And just like that, Kobe got his wish.

In 2004, the Lakers traded Shaq, 31, to the Miami Heat for three players while Kobe took command of his new-look squad in Hollywood. Like most breakups, the Kobe-Shaq relationship severed, and the race for one to one-up the other, intensified.

Kobe wanted so badly to prove to everyone that he didn’t need Shaq to win championships, and although Bryant won two more rings without “the Big Aristotle,” imagine how things would of materialized if the two were able to share the basketball?


Instead, Kobe chose to do it all alone, to try to win without playing alongside another superstar. And anybody who knows sports, knows that you cant win without playing without another good player. Just ask LeBron.

Christina Milian and boyfriend Terius Nasch hold hands in Hawaii

And talk about leaving an 80 for a 20.


I’ll tell you what’s wrong, he doesn’t know a good woman when he sees one.

That’s right, whether male or female, if we lack the ability to identify 80s then we’ll be stuck chasing 20s, forever. The allure of having something that you’re missing in a relationship seems so right, doesn’t it!

Always looking for something better, or that thrill that you’re not getting from your partner will hinder your relationship if you don’t put in the effort to make what you have mesh.

How would you like it if your partner quit on you because he or she said you weren’t good enough for them? How would you like it if your partner left you for someone else without a clue or a hint as to why? Well, it happens all the time.

Remember, happiness doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to develop a relationship into something more than just a “casual thing.”

So if you want a short-term, casual thing, by all means go get you a 20! But if you want longevity, take a second look at your 80.


So what’s the lesson here?

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a 20 over your 80.

Point blank.

Source: Sports N Women


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