Short Horror Film: The Rendering

Vizually Inklined Media delivers a short horror film The Rendering.  Just in time for halloween, this indie flick is more comical than anything.  In the short, a group of friends are partaking in everyday guy activities as a random villain murders them one by one.  Watch and enjoy. For more info about Vizually Inklined visit 

Fly Union Drops New EP titled Small Victories

Fly UnionIndie rap group Fly Union dropped new music today.  The trio’s latest EP is titled Small Victories.  The EP features four new tracks “I’m There,” “Stupid,” “See it All,” and “Bandwagon.” Be sure to check out our feature They Got Next: Fly Union to get even more familiar with this group.  Download Small Victories here.

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Adam Sams – “Put Your Title Down” [Official Video]

Adam SamsAdam Sams releases a video for his track “Put Your Title Down.”  This song is about a man who is so engulfed in his career that he neglects an important aspect of his life, his marriage.  As individuals, we are often times so busy chasing our dreams that we forget to cultivate friendships and relationships.  A few of the lyrics read…..

You count the coins and your years of work and put em in your pockets.  Could you exist on any less if suddenly you lost it? Do you depend on your own ends?……… Put your title down, eveything you own is a gift.  Put your title down, be thankful. 

What good is that promotion on your job if you have no one at home to celebrate it with?   This video does an excellent job demonstrating that relationships are just as important, if not more, than a man-given title.  Watch the video below.

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[HK Spotlight] They Got Next: PartyNextDoor

Canadian R&B/EDM artist PartyNextDoor should definitely be on your radar.  He hails from Mississauga, Ontario (a city located outside of Toronto).  He is currently signed to Warner Brothers and Drake’s OVO Sound labels.  Birth named Jarhon Anthony Brathwaite, this artist has what it takes to excel his musical career to soaring heights.  He is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Sound wise, he can be placed in a category somewhere between Drake and The Weeknd.

PartyNextDoor and Drake

You may have heard PartyNextDoor perform the background vocals on Drake’s singles “Own It” and “Come Thru” off of the Nothing Was The Same album.  In addition to singing, he is also a profound lyricist.  Check out the video below for his single “Break From Toronto” off of the self titled mixtape Party Next Door which was released on July 1, 2013.  This track contains a sample from R&B artist Miguel’s song “Girl With the Tattoo”  from the All I Want is You Album.  Download the mixtape Party Next Door here.

For more music and information about Party Next Door visit his website

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Childish Gambino’s “Pound Cake” Freestyle

Childish Gambino was the guest on Sway In The Morning, and while on air he took the opportunity to get off a few bars over the “Pound Cake” instrumental. Gambino starts it off with aggression: “Let ’em speak/I know I’m Meek but the Mill’s louder/Watch the Throne kings killed when the prince feels power.”

After rapping about how his good friends such as Chance The Rapper and Kendrick Lamar are “making millions,” Gambino takes a minute to deliver a talking interlude about what wealth really means. He transitions mid-speech back into rap mode, and concludes the freestyle by actually going off the top of his head. Not only is the freestyle spontaneous, but it also addresses current events going on in Gambino’s life: “Are you still on the show [Community], are you dating Jhene [Aiko]?”

Gambino has a new album coming, Before The Internet. It will be coming out December 10.

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Beyond Arbitron: A Look into the Future of Radio

The A3C Music Festival takes place annually in Atlanta, GA.  It’s an independent music festival that gives many idie artists an opportunity to showcase their music and network with industry professionals.  During the festvial, a panel called Beyond Arbitron: A Look into the Future of Radio took place.  Arbitiron is the company that gives the ratings for commercial radio stations.  This panel goes into details about how to sell yourself and market your music to commercial radio stations.  This panel review is vital for all indie aritsts!