Your Imperfections Make You Beautiful, Embrace them!

beauty withinEveryone has a different definition for the word beauty.  Let’s face it, the word is subjective.  Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.  That’s what makes beauty so, well….. beautiful.  It is multidimensional.  I hate to sound so cliche’ but true beauty does come from within and radiates outward. Let me explain…….

Have you ever known someone whose physical appearance was just “average”  when you first met them?  You weren’t overly attracted to them, but you weren’t disgusted by their looks either.  Appearance wise they measured somewhere in the middle of your measuring spectrum.  However, you became more familiar with them and they became more attractive to you.  You were drawn to their conversations, personality, humor, etc., and somehow their outward appearance became more appealing to you.  That’s what true beauty is!

Your imperfections are what contribute to your beauty.  It makes up your individuality.  You may have an unwanted mole or blemish on your face, not have the perfect smile, or maybe  you’re not fond of your weight.  These “flaws” make you who you are though.  Think about how different you would act if all your “flaws” were perfected.  There is a strong  possibility that you would have a different personality.  A lot of people would become conceited and arrogant snobs.  You’d have a totally different persona about yourself.  That could be a change for the worst.  A lot of our imperfections keep us humble and relatable to others.  How many people have you met who were very attractive on the outside, but had ugly personalities, shallow mentalities, selfish traits, or unattractive attitudes?  These negative qualities can take a person who is a 10 on a scale of 1-10 and make them a 6, or even lower.

When you are comfortable in your own skin and embrace your imperfections which make up your individuality, your confidence rises.  You become more secure with yourself.  Your sense of security gives off a glow about yourself.  People become attracted to you like a magnet.  Though they may not realize it, what they really like about you is your inner soul.  That invisible quality that makes a lover genuinely love you.

Women, it’s the guy that makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when you’re not wearing make up.  He loves you in  your natural state of being.  He’s not afraid to kiss you when you wake up in the morning with that morning breath either 🙂   Guys, it’s the woman who makes you feel sexy shirtless, even though  you may not have those six pack abs.  She appreciates your body just the way it is.  Beauty is what makes this happen.  So the next time you take a look in the mirror, pay less attention to your outer layer and focus more on enhancing your inner soul.  Be-YOU-ti-ful.

Posted by Thomas Tillmon


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