How to Establish Indie Cred

indie cred

Part of the hipster lifestyle is establishing what’s known as indie cred, short for independent credibility.  Indie cred is when you discover something that is cool before others.  Whether it’s an indie band, new style of fashion, or slang term, being ahead gives you credibility with your peers.  It shows that you have a vision of your own and you don’t just conform and “like” what’s popular.  Now keep in mind nobody actually keeps a tally on how much indie cred you’ve established, but those who gravitate towards your vision do so because of your track record that they respect.  By default you have to be a free thinker to establish indie cred.  Know that just because something isn’t mainstream doesn’t mean it’s not good.  Be able to evaluate and like certain things on your own without major cosigns giving it a pass.  How many times have you introduced an artist or played a song for someone, they weren’t enthused by it, then all of a sudden they love it once it becomes popular? Too many times right?  This is mainly because standing out is dangerous in today’s society where many want to be accepted by others.  Very rarely is someone brave enough to confess they like something that’s not popular out of fear of being labeled an outcast.  Let’s be real, everyone wants others to like them.  Some are just willing to go out of their way for acceptance until they lose their identity.  Those that aren’t afraid to go against the grain are establishing indie cred.





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