[HK Spotlight] They Got Next: Fly Union


Rap trio Fly Union hails from Columbus, Ohio.  The group consists of members (pictured from left to right) Jay Swifa, Iyeball, and Jerreau.  Jay Swifa and Iyeball are producers in addition to emcees.  As a production duo, Swifa and Iyeball call themselves MnkeyWrench.   They are a sub group within Fly Union,  while  Jerreau is the lead emcee of the group.  Together these three artists make magic in the studio.  With clever lyrics over samples from the past while pushing the envelope of production, Fly Union has found their niche in the music industry.


Fly U’s brand is called “The Greater Than Club,” or TGTC for short.  “The Greater Than Club” is a lifestyle brand that’s all inclusive that encourages being…. well, greater than.  Simply put.  The group occasionally jokes and uses “The Greater Than Club” as a rubric for measuring the physical appearance of females, meaning on a scale of 1-10 she has to be an 8 or greater. The group sells TGTC shirts, hats, and jewelry on their website ItsTGTC.com

 Instead of following the traditional mixtape route, Fly U decided to release their music via EP’s.  These projects mainly have about 4-6 songs on them.  They’ve collaborated with artists that include Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Dom Kennedy, GLC, BJ The Chicago Kid and many more.   What we like about this group is their versatility.  They can go from a soulful sound,  to a Mnkeywrench beat that sounds like something from outer space.  It is difficult to limit this group to a small box when describing their unique sound.  We’re all about being ahead of the masses here at Hipster Kidz Media so do yourself a favor and get familiar with them.  Their time to shine is closely approaching.  Download our Best of Fly Union mixtape we released and also peep an interview we did with them a little while back when they toured with Kendrick Lamar for the BET Music Matters Tour.


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