Dealing with back to school blues


Many students started classes last month, while others went back to school today.  There is nothing worst than feeling drained on the very first day of class.  You are setting the tone of what the rest of the year could possibly be.   Are you still functioning on the summer sleep pattern?  Do you not feel like completing assignments?  Are your final years winding down and you are anxious to walk across that stage?  There are simple things you can do daily to cope with the anxiety of going back to school.

First off, sleep is important.  Your body needs at least eight hours of sleep to function properly.  Lack of sleep even effects your creativity level.  Secondly, stop focusing on the last day of school and live it one day at a time.  The last day of school always seem SO far away no matter what time of year it is.  Third, try to complete homework during free time in school or as soon as you get home.  This lessens the stress of staying up all night attempting to complete assignments.  Lastly, NO SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES until homework is completed.  We all enjoy interacting with our close acquaintances after school and social networking sites make this more than convenient.  However, they are a huge distraction.  How many times have you noticed that you may have spend an hour checking posts on your time line, but it seems like only 20 minutes?  Wasting time is good for no one.  Embody these few simple steps and you can ease the anxiety of going back to school.


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