The Bicycle: Ideal Transportation for an Indie Lifestyle


In areas like Atlanta’s Little 5 Points, Chicago’s Wicker Park, and Seattle’s Capitol Hill you will notice a vast number of bicycles.  Bikes to hipsters are the equivalent of stethoscopes to doctors, they are synonymous.  In addition to being a great cardiovascular workout, biking is also eco friendly; not to mention it helps you save money by minimizing the anxiety many face when coming to terms with the forever increasing gas prices!   The  fixed-gear bicycle has become the main source of transportation for hipsters. 

Let’s talk more about the fixed-gear bike,  also known as a “fixie” (pictured in the photo above).  It is the most popular bicycle among young indies.  “What is a fixed-gear bike” you ask? Let us explain.   A fixed-gear bike is one without a free cycling wheel.  The pedals on most bikes move a chain that is used to accelerate the back wheel, while the front wheel moves freely.  On the fixed-wheel bike the pedals accelerate both wheels simultaneously.  If you pay attention to the handle bars, you’ll notice that most fixies don’t have brakes because they are not needed to stop the bike from moving.  To get the full experience of a fixie, a downhill route is strongly suggested.  On most bikes when a person is traveling downhill it is second nature to stop pedaling and coast, allowing the inertia of the bike make it travel on its own.  Bad move on a fixie however.  If you remove your feet from the pedals going downhill they will still rotate!  This aspect gives you a greater workout and adds a new adventure to your biking experience.  So grab  a fixie,  get a lock to secure it once you reach your destination, and help reduce the poisonous emissions released into the environment by vehicles.






2 thoughts on “The Bicycle: Ideal Transportation for an Indie Lifestyle

  1. I agree about the first part, but gears are indispensable in a hilly place like Seattle. I mean, if you never leave Cap Hill you can make it work, but what’s the point of transportation that won’t get you where you need to go (within reason)? Same thing with brakes, the steepest paved road in town is a 26 % grade. I rode with a friend up and down Queen Anne, which is much less steep, at the bottom he told me he wouldn’t have been able to stop if he wanted to. But there are a lot of cars in the city!

  2. Ok I Love this picture! 😀

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