Big Sean’s Road to Hall of Fame Documentary

This is the full length version of Big Sean’s Road to Hall of Fame Documentary.  In this film Sean showcases his creative process for making the album.  The G.O.O.D. Music signee discusses the changes in his life he experienced, like his breakup from his girlfriend of the last few years, and how it contributed to him being wiser, stronger, and enhanced his subject matter.  Sean talks about how traveling the world and new scenery is an asset to him being more creative when it comes to his music.  Cameos are made from artists that include Common, Kid Cudi, J. Cole, and Wiz Khalifa.  Producers No I.D. and Key Wane can also be spotted in the film.  It’s directed by Zeno Jones.  Hall of Fame is in stores now.

Pusha T My Name Is My Name Testimonials – Episodes 1 & 2

In these videos Pusha T and a few colleagues speak on his humble beginnings and his transition into Hip Hop stardom.  Be on the look out for his album My Name is My Name dropping October 8.


Wheels Your Way: The ‘Cafe Racer S’ Bike by Seven Cycles in Boston

Want to up your pedal power and stand out from the cycling crowd? Watertown’s Seven Cycles in Boston, MA will forge, weld, and paint a custom frame to your specifications before shipping it off to a retailer, who will trick it out with the components of your choice. Commuters should consider the company’s understated “Café Racer S,” a single-speed steed that’s nimble and durable for city riding. One thoughtful upgrade is a belt drive, which replaces the chain. It’s grease-free and makes for a blissfully quiet trip.

“Café Racer S” titanium bike, starting at $3,700 ($6,800 as shown), 617-923-7774,


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Indie Artist Tech N9ne Makes Over 7 Million Dollars Annually!

Within the walls of a nondescript building in an ordinary suburb of Kansas City, hip-hop’s most mysterious mogul stands atop a staircase, surveying his latest products as a proud farmer might gaze out at a bumper crop of corn.

Below, the shelves of the supermarket-sized room bloom with t-shirts, backpacks, water bottles, sunglasses, sticky-notes, g-strings and just about anything else that can accommodate Tech N9ne’s name or his logo, an interlocking bat and snake that form the first letters of his Strange Music empire. Other curiosities on the floor include a dusty Dodge Challenger (a graduation present for the rapper’s son), two bins filled with bras (thrown at the Tech during shows) and an $80,000 custom motorcycle (destined to become a wall ornament in his new recording studio).

Tech scoots down the stairs, his bald head gleaming in the bright fluorescent light, and soon he and his business partner, Travis O’Guin, are tearing into the latest cardboard box to arrive on the slow boat from Asia. More t-shirts. These ones are emblazoned with the motto “Strange Music Saved My Life” (the rapper also sells a shirt that reads, “Strange Music Ruined My Life”). Tech’s face erupts into a grin. Continue reading

iPhone 5S Was Worth The Wait, But iOS 7 Is Still Unfinished

Iphone 5s

Since January, I have followed every twist and turn of the the saga that became the iPhone 5S. Even back when we thought it it might be the iPhone 6. Beyond the professional interest, mine was personal as well. I hadn’t upgraded my own phone for a while and I was limping along with an iPhone 4. It was slow, the camera was not good and then the home button started to go.

I could have gone out and gotten an iPhone 5, but I thought it would be worth waiting it out for the next one, sometime over the summer. And then noises circulated that there were delays, perhaps related to a rumored fingerprint sensor. Is The iPhone 5S Fingerprint Reader Worth The Wait?, I asked at the end of April. Continue reading