The Artform Known as Thrifting: I’m gonna pop some tags!

thriftshopThrift shops are a hipster’s paradise.  Why?  Well, think about it.  Where else can you find garments and there’s a strong possibility that no one else will have it?  Where else can you go to the cash register with 10 or more cool items and the cashier says “your total will be 15 dollars,” or another ridiculously low price?  With so many vintage and exclusive items at discounted prices, thrift shops have become a main attraction for hipsters.

Individualized style is what you find in thrift shops.  It takes a creative and open minded person to be confident enough to step foot into a thrift shop.  Many people are afraid of being judged or labeled as poor because the items are second hand.  Hey, you have a washing machine right? So what’s the difference between washing a shirt you’ve worn yourself versus washing a shirt someone else may have worn?  At the end of the day, both items are clean once they’re washed right?

With so many young adults craving to be stylish but are drowning in student loan and other forms of debt, funds may be limited.  Thrift shops are a fun and easy way to stretch your dollars.  What’s even more ironic is when you wear something unique from a thrift shop you get so many compliments from others.  People have this impression that it must be something expensive because they’ve never seen it before, especially if you wear it with confidence.  They will ask you where you purchased the unique item from.  What answer do we give? “It’s vintage!” Ha! Arrogant, we know.

Now don’t be confused. You won’t find a “golden item” every time you go to a thrift shop.  It is usually hit or miss.  Sometimes you can rack up, other times you may leave empty-handed.  It is also unlikely that you can find a whole new wardrobe in one visit.  Use thrift shops to complement other clothing items you already own.  Unlike department stores, thrift shops don’t have designated days where new shipments of items arrive.  Everything relies on donations.  If you visit the same thrift shop too often you’ll notice that you are seeing the same items for sale. That is why it is beneficial to have at least two or three different thrift shops in your rotation.  It is best to alternate between which ones you shop whenever you get the thrifting urge.

Feel free to shop at major department stores where there are racks of the same items of clothing, just don’t get upset when you’re at a function and you see others with the same outfit as you.  Purchasing items from thrift shops eliminates this aspect.  Here’s the thought process. 1.) You purchased and item for a ridiculously low price.  2.) No one else is going to have it. 3.) You’ve individualized your style of dress.  4. )People who won’t even shop at  thrift shops are complimenting you and dying to know where they can get that cool item from.  Thrift shops sound like a winner to us.


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