[HK Fashion] The Zipper Chain by The Village Clothing Co.

zipper chain

I am sure you’ve heard the statement “the accessories are what makes the outfit fly.” Totally creative and against the grain of typical neck jewelry, the Zipper Chain by The Village Clothing Company is a visual game changer.   How could something that seems so simple be so innovative?  It leaves you thinking “why didn’t I think of that?” The Village Clothing Company prides itself on delivering vintage style apparel while pushing the envelope of modern fashion trends.  Why follow a trend when you can set the trend? The Village Clothing Co. also sells sweat shirts, hoodies, and tees.  The Zipper Chain comes in an assortment of colors.  It is totally unisex and adds an additional flare of style to men and women. Order your Zipper Chain here  or check out their website www.villageclothingonline.com Check out more colors after the jump


zipper chain 2zipper chain 3zipper chain 4


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