Top Hipster Neighborhoods in the United States

hipster hoods

In previous times a “hipster” was considered an outcast, or just plain weird.  These free thinkers and their edgy style of dress was often shunned by the mainstream audience.  Even though they often push the culture forward and are ahead of the masses when it comes to music, style, and lifestyle trends, hipsters were rarely accepted in many social settings.  It is ironic how the mainstream has suddenly adapted to many aspects of the hipster lifestyle however.   How about Ray Banz or oversized vintage frames? Skinny jeans? Thrift shops are now considered “cool”?  The resurgence of vinyl sales? We’ve been doing that! 

With the assistance of the internet, people from all walks of life can gravitate towards one another based on shared values and  common interests.  There is no doubt that counter-culture thinkers are all across the United States, the world even.  The population in hipster neighborhoods are  increasing in many major cities across the United States. From “Mom and Pops” owned businesses, to coffee shops , to vinyl shops, to vintage clothing stores, to artistic graffiti artwork painted on buildings, these edgy neighborhoods are ideal for the modern-day indie young professional.  We compiled a list of the top hipster cities in the U.S.

1. Brooklyn (Williamsburg)

2. San Francisco (Mission District)

3. Los Angeles (Silver Lake)

4. Portland (Downtown)

5. Minneapolis (North Loop)

6. Washington D.C. (H Street Corridor) 

7. Atlanta (Little 5 Points)

8. Chicago (Wicker Park)

9. Seattle (Capitol Hill)

10. Norfolk (Ghent)

11. Miami (Wynwood)


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