Hipster Kidz Media Teaches Lesson on Individuality at Pharrell’s Summer Camp

pharrell fohtaEvery summer super producer Pharrell Williams is responsible for a camp to encourage and empower today’s at risk youth.  From One Hand to Another (FOHTA) Summer of Innovation Camp  takes place in his hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia.  This camp teaches lessons under the Dream Mapping, Motivation, and NASA curriculum.  Students participate in activities that include building a robotic arm, testing and designing airplanes that emulate flights of space craft carriers, create public service announcements, as well as guidance on what steps they should take to earn their dream career.  FOHTA’s motto is “changing the world one kid at a time.”

Teaching Individuality

Pictured to the left, the founder of Hipster Kidz Media and well known local Disc Jockey, Thomas “Radio Raheem” Tillmon, teaches a group of fourth grade students a vital lesson on embracing their own individuality.  He incorporated the Hipster Kidz motto  “Be Creative. Be Unique. Be Yourself” to encourage students to stand out from the masses by being true to their personal character and interests.  Tillmon explained how being confident in your unique identity is beneficial in any industry.  It creates a personal brand for yourself.  These aspects are what helped propel Pharrell’s career to super star status.  For more information about From One Hand to Another visit their website at FOHTA.org


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