Beware of the ‘hipster wanna-be’


No doubt, the whole hipster lifestyle/fashion is becoming more popular these days that we now have so many fraudulent “hipsterz.”  These are the onez you’ll see in public dressed in hipster-like attire and wearing thick-rim frames only becauze its become a trend. If you ask them if they’re a hipster they’ll answer “yes.” Smh, we all know that’s breaking the golden rule of hipsterizm. They have no idea what indie cred is, and if you ask them who’s their favorite recording artist they’ll name someone mainstream.  Being a hipster is about being cool- without making an effort to-by embracing your own individual style to stand out from the masses. That’z one way to establish indie cred.  Set the trend, don’t follow it.  If you want to be apart of our culture you’re more than welcome.  We need more independent thinkerz and pioneerz who are aware of fadz and music before the masses bandwagon on it, but you must study the culture first.  If not, then hand over those Ray Bans.                    

                                                                     -The Hipster Kidz


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