The Artform Known as Thrifting: I’m gonna pop some tags!

thriftshopThrift shops are a hipster’s paradise.  Why?  Well, think about it.  Where else can you find garments and there’s a strong possibility that no one else will have it?  Where else can you go to the cash register with 10 or more cool items and the cashier says “your total will be 15 dollars,” or another ridiculously low price?  With so many vintage and exclusive items at discounted prices, thrift shops have become a main attraction for hipsters.

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K-Mart’s Back to School Commercials: Epic Fail or Big Win??

I’m sure you’ve been watching television and all of a sudden a hip hop inspired commercial from K-Mart airs.  Whether it’s a group of kids rapping on a school bus or a female trio dancing in a school hallway, these advertisements are making a profound effort to cater to the urban audience.  Previously, K-Mart’s stocks have been low so the company has to make and immense effort to reinvent itself.  As everyone recalls, the company filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy a few years ago.  Whether it’s catering to a new demographic, remodeling stores, or carrying merchandise from new brands, drastic times will call for drastic measures.

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[HK Fashion] The Zipper Chain by The Village Clothing Co.

zipper chain

I am sure you’ve heard the statement “the accessories are what makes the outfit fly.” Totally creative and against the grain of typical neck jewelry, the Zipper Chain by The Village Clothing Company is a visual game changer.   How could something that seems so simple be so innovative?  It leaves you thinking “why didn’t I think of that?” The Village Clothing Company prides itself on delivering vintage style apparel while pushing the envelope of modern fashion trends.  Why follow a trend when you can set the trend? The Village Clothing Co. also sells sweat shirts, hoodies, and tees.  The Zipper Chain comes in an assortment of colors.  It is totally unisex and adds an additional flare of style to men and women. Order your Zipper Chain here  or check out their website Check out more colors after the jump

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@KendrickLamar co-signs

We have to send a huge shoutout to Kendrick Lamar.  He’s a dear friend of and has supported us since our inception.  We recently launched our website and he immediately sent us his seal of approval.  Of course we established a relationship with the Compton emcee well before he was a mainstream sensation (but who’s bragging?) He always assured us that he would continue making quality music and not succumb to “music industry standards” by dumbing down his music.  It’s safe to say that he delivered.  Make sure you download our classic Best of Kendrick Lamar Mixtape we released back in 2011 mixed by Thomas Tillmon (formerly known as Radio Raheem)  Continue reading

[HK Spotlight] They Got Next: @PhonyPpl

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHHip Hop band Phony Ppl has been building a steady buzz on the underground music scene.  These musicians are from Brooklyn, New York.  The group consists of two vocalist/lyricists,  three guitarists, a keyboardist, a saxophonist, and a drummer.  Their sound is very soulful and eclectic and their songs are created for an easy-listening experience.  No lie, their music sounds nothing like anything that is mainstream at this time.  One word that describes their image, individuality.  We’ve never seen a group with so many members who are willing to make a bold fashion statement of this magnitude. Their fashion statement screams  “dare to be different.”  If you’re a fan of live instrumentation, you’ll truly enjoy listening to this hip hop ensemble.  Since our duty at Hipster Kidz Media is to remain ahead of the masses, we figured we’d do you a favor and  put you on to them.  Download all three of their independent albums Phony Land, nothinG special, and lead vocalist Elbee Thrie’s 53,000Check out their video for a track called “I Wish I Was  A Chair”  off of their project Phony Land after the jump.

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Top Hipster Neighborhoods in the United States

hipster hoods

In previous times a “hipster” was considered an outcast, or just plain weird.  These free thinkers and their edgy style of dress was often shunned by the mainstream audience.  Even though they often push the culture forward and are ahead of the masses when it comes to music, style, and lifestyle trends, hipsters were rarely accepted in many social settings.  It is ironic how the mainstream has suddenly adapted to many aspects of the hipster lifestyle however.   How about Ray Banz or oversized vintage frames? Skinny jeans? Thrift shops are now considered “cool”?  The resurgence of vinyl sales? We’ve been doing that!  Continue reading